At Gemcorp, we strive to make a positive and lasting impact on the communities within which we invest. We support businesses and organisations that are driven by a desire to achieve excellence and share our commitment to positively impact those most in need within the emerging markets.

Food Security and Access to Medicine

Through nearly US$1 billion in innovative sovereign trade financing, we have delivered over 976,000 tons of basic foods and non-edible goods, as well as over 948 million units of essential medical supplies and pharmaceuticals to approved local importers in Angola.

In order to ensure the quality and proper handling of pharmaceutical goods delivered to Angola, we have established a pharmaceutical warehousing complex close to Luanda, helping to close a critical infrastructure gap in the healthcare supply chain.

Green Shoots for Growth

Through a US$122 million government-backed financing package that we helped to deliver, a flagship 5,000-hectare farming project was launched in Quizenga, Angola. The project is now fully operational, creating 1,200 new jobs for the local community.

Enabling Connections to Opportunity

From core telecoms and rural broadband to financial access for the unbanked, we have provided over US$275 million in flexible financing to trailblazing companies within the telecoms and ICT ecosystem. By extending digital connectivity across the emerging markets, these investments allow communities access to education and new economic choices.

JUMO: 22m+ people and small businesses served
Founded in 2015, JUMO is unlocking access to financial services for over 5 million customers with household income of less than $2 a day. To date, 1/3 of JUMO’s customers are women, underpinned by gender-blind credit scoring.

Africell: 20 million subscribers
This innovative telecommunications company delivers affordable mobile voice and data to subscribers across four countries in Africa.

Empowering Science and Entrepreneurship

Through our financial backing, we are helping local entrepreneurs and scientists apply ground-breaking technology to solve fundamental global issues such as financial inclusion and clean energy.

Energy-focused nano technology company, OCSiAl, has pioneered the production of super material, single-wall carbon nano tube. The product has the potential to impact 70% of the $3 trillion global materials market, increasing energy efficiency, durability and reduction in weight across energy, tires, coatings and plastic products, with direct implications for the electric vehicles and mobility sectors

By harnessing the power of mobile data, JUMO is turbo charging financial inclusion across Sub-Saharan Africa, where 67% of adults remain unbanked. JUMO’s prediction engine taps billions of mobile usage data points to score and price loans at a tenth of the cost of traditional channels. Over 22 million users have accessed affordable credit over the JUMO platform, over 60% of whom had never used financial services before.

Fuelling New Horizons

West Africa exports 4.5 million barrels of crude oil per day, but due to a lack of refining infrastructure, it's still reliant on imports for the lion’s share of its fuel consumption needs. Eliminating this inefficiency from Africa’s energy supply chain is vital for the continent’s energy security and will underpin sustainable growth, industrialisation and diversification. We are developing and funding flagship refinery projects in Angola and Liberia, applying modern, cost-effective modular technology.

Our Philanthropic Focus

Gemcorp is proud to be an underwriter of EMpower — the Emerging Markets Foundation. Founded in 2000 by a group of EM finance professionals, it is supported by the emerging markets communities in London, New York and Hong Kong. With its focus on education, health, well-being and livelihoods, EMpower partners with community-based charities in emerging markets to give at-risk youth opportunities to create a better future.


We, at Gemcorp Capital, are striving to be purpose-driven, conscientious and responsible. Our investment process is designed to account for the impact our activities have on all stakeholders – society at large, our employees and investors.

Gemcorp Capital’s commitment to a Corporate Governance Framework acts as an essential structure to ensure fairness and transparency in the running of the organisation.

Gemcorp’s Corporate Governance Pillars:

  1. Transparency & Assurance
  2. Integrity & Objectivity
  3. Professional Competence & Due Care
  4. Stakeholder Management

Impactful Investing

Gemcorp strives to make a positive impact in the emerging market economies in which we invest. We are committed to contribute meaningfully to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We systematically approach SDG mapping on both a pre and post-investment basis to ensure adherence throughout the investment lifecycle.

Responsible Investing

Gemcorp is a signatory of the UN Principles of Responsible Investment and committed to responsible investing and building a more sustainable financial system.

Responsible Investment Principles

The systematic consideration of ESG and SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) aspects forms a core part of Gemcorp’s investment processGemcorp embodies this through the adoption of Six Responsible Investment Principles which is detailed below:


Exclude industries, countries, counterparties and/or companies from our investment universe that do not align with our stated values and strategic aims.


Integrate ESG risks and opportunities in our investment analysis and decision-making process.


Contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and provide transparency around the impact of our investments.

Monitor and Engage

Monitor and Engage on ESG risks, opportunities, and impact during the ownership phase.


Report frequently and transparently the outcomes of our Responsible Investment approach.


Collaborate with other EM-focused investment managers, Development Finance Institutions, academia, trade associations, Non-Governmental Organisations, and other stakeholders, to share knowledge and best practice.

Portfolio ESG Risk Assessment and Screening

Portfolio ESG risk assessment and screening is underpinned by business intelligence (including reputable databases and technical consultants) to support a zero-tolerance approach towards fraud and corruption. Local presence and an on-site due diligence process to capture political and social contexts is critical for ongoing community impact monitoring.

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