Our mission is to realise the vast opportunities
found in the emerging markets and back the
remarkable people that make them what they are.

We have a deep understanding of this growth potential because we see it from the ground. We grow and thrive together with our local partners, gaining a distinct and disruptive perspective on global finance.

Global emerging markets are in our name, in our DNA
and are the very fabric of our businesses:

We are
creatively curious

Our founders proudly hail from emerging economies and have witnessed first-hand the power of historical economic transformations.

With individuals from 32 different countries who speak 24 languages, our teams are as diverse as the populations we serve. This native insight and our explorer spirit make us better investors and help us foster strong relationships.

we embrace
tenacious adaptability

Our teams have navigated multiple emerging market cycles and have a proven track record of closing deals and creating success.

We have designed our internal structures and processes to ensure a fast, bespoke and comprehensive approach to the funding and logistical needs of our partners.

we are respected
and respectful

We have the expertise and systems in place to invest and hedge across financial products in order to mitigate volatility and maximise returns. And just as importantly, we do so with an integrity that allows us to look our partners in the eye.

We have a deep respect and affinity for our host countries, their cultures, their histories and the future we are writing together.

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