Executing the Plan

Sharon Li

23 February 2022 • London

Brighter Perspective With Sharon Li

What we do quite simply is to make the investment happen. It goes all the way from the idea shaping stage or coming from a dot to the plan all the way to doing any analysis you need.
Bringing any stakeholders on boards as required to actually executing the plan and make it happen.
I'm Sharon and I'm part of the investment structuring team, being here just over two years.

Executing the Plan

From university I was a scientist, so it's quite a different background compared to many other. You know, economists or finance people after university, I first joined International Investment Bank.

Typical choice many fresh graduate. After two or three years, things start to become a bit repetitive, and that's when I was thinking about moving and looking for my next challenge, really looking for accelerated learning curve. Which was what Gemcorp gave me here and exactly what I got once I joined. They showed me the list of type of things that Gemcorp has done before and that was fascinating. Such a variety from infrastructure to Fintech, to EVs, like electrical vehicles, and I've just never had hoped that such companies since that would do everything and everywhere.

That was a brilliant challenge for me to take on and see, yeah, and understand more. I'm keen to learn than coming here for the first time for the interview meeting the people that was such an experience. The energy and the passion. I thought that was just amazing. I've never seen before now was key decision making factor.

Setting New Precedents

In the past, I've pretty much only worked on infrastructure, which is interesting, but quite a steady state, whereas moving on to Gemcorp. I've worked on Fintech, gold trading, oil and gas, electric vehicles and that variety just so stimulating then. Secondly, it would be the geography and culture. In the past I've only seen European transactions, which are quite similar in many ways.

Whereas coming here you know, Latin America is super different from Asia and then compared to Africa, each country also has its specific culture or rules, or regulations and they get that leads to the most important learning power. Often people would ask what's the precedent? How was it done before? Whereas here nothing was done before. Quite often we were the first people doing what we are doing. We're probably doing something that nobody else has even thought of.

Now before and that is the exciting bit where you're on the driving seat and you'll have to think about what's the right way to do things and what makes sense. Simply and of course, that involves listening to their clients understanding what do they need and how do we tailor the solution to fit their needs and to make it happen and quite often that's the idea generation idea shaping stage, which is the most exciting for everyone quite frankly.

A higher Level of Impact

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It's certainly inspiring to think about the level of impact we are making, and we are one of the very few companies who be able to do that.

Helping companies helping countries going through certain difficulties such as food deficiencies, creative enterpreneurs who are there and who want to bring idea into reality. What they need is a capital, and that's where we can chip in and be part of the change. Or make the change happen. It's very encouraging or it's motivating to think about aspects like that and that's enriching to me.

In our latest edition of A Brighter Perspective, we meet Sharon Li, part of our Investment Structuring Team.

Sharon talks about the breadth of projects she works across and the need to be flexible in her thinking to overcome regular challenges, so we can make a real impact in Emerging Markets.
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